dj kris

DJ Kris, and privately Krzysztof Bartyzel, is a man who hardly needs to be introduced to the lovers of the Polish club music. There is absolutely nothing strange about it - he is a true legend of this genre, who, despite the success he has achieved over the years, has never forgotten about his closest people and has never changed his attitude towards creativity. Before a great vision was born in his head, the effect of which we know today as the Sunrise Festival, Kris was a precursor of the bold introduction of electronic music to the Polish dance floors, and it was at the time when disco polo enjoyed the greatest triumphs, adored by the then partygoers visiting both the most crowded and smaller discos.

Fortunately, DJ Kris was not discouraged by the initial difficulties, and thanks to his innate talent and endless energy, he was gradually breaking through to the consciousness of a growing group of recipients. He started his career in the nineties, in a truly iconic place in Kołobrzeg, which was undoubtedly the Supreme Technical Organization. With time, he was leaving an ever stronger imprint on clubs in the Orbis chain hotels, which he filled with sounds from the borderline between trance and house. The music he included in his sets was then a total novelty for the average listener of radio hits, but even then it could be felt that it would become a true classic of the genre. What happened next was inevitable. The tastes of Poles changed, and he was the man who contributed greatly to this. Today, a large part of us is able to hum one of the classics of electronic music under our breaths, and you will probably not be surprised that DJ Kris was the first to play them in our country.

After several years of Kris's activity, the demand for club music among the Polish audience exceeded all expectations. A need arose for an event that would be not just an ordinary gathering of fans, but rather something that would become a real cultural event. It was the moment when rather inconspicuous idea was born in his head, the effects of which have been appreciated by tens of thousands of fans from all over the world. It is, of course, about the Sunrise Festival, which is a real feast for every electronic music lover, and which has been held for many years in the seaside Kołobrzeg. Nobody could have expected the extent to which this project would grow, but it would not have been possible without the idea of ​​the founding father of the entire festival.

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