SNRS015: Kris & HI MOTIVE – Pressure (Remixes)

Debut release of SNRS and the great club hit from DJ Kris and the Australian duo HI MOTIVE in completely new arrangements by well-known Polish producers and friends of Krzysztof Bartyzel. The 'Pressure (Remixes)' package, in addition to the unforgettable original, also includes VIP Mix, remixes by Milkwish and Miqro and, warmly received at Sunrise Festival 2022, an energetic interpretation from Matys himself. Let's experience it all again, but in a new way!

Written by: Krzysztof Bartyzel, Łukasz Ewiak, Edward Michael Rose, Matthew Blake Rowe 
Produced by: Krzysztof Bartyzel, Łukasz Ewiak 

Vocals by: Matthew Blake Rowe 
Published by: Copyright Control 

SNRS014: EMDI x MAVE – Feel The Same

The former can boast of millions Spotify streams and an ever-growing popularity on the club scene. The second one was chosen the best DJ in Poland and is certainly one of the greatest talents of the young generation. Robert Gackowski (EMDI) and Maciej Kwasek (MAVE) have already made their publishing debuts with SNRS, but now they decided to meet in the studio to record a track together. This is how the atmospheric single "Feel The Same" was created.

Written by: Robert Gackowski, Maciej Kwasek

Produced by: Robert Gackowski, Maciej Kwasek

Mix/mastering: Adrian Pastuszak

Published by: LD Media Publishing, Copyright Control

SNRS012: B.R.T – Look At Me

B.R.T is a talented producer from Krakow, which is constantly on the rising tide, as evidenced by the increasingly better numbers on streaming services, where nearly a million people listen to his music a month. He has released his compositions on international labels such as Soave Records, Hot Vibes Records and Magic Records. His debut on SNRS is a track called "Look At Me", which is characterized by dark tech-house sounds. 

Written by: Bartłomiej Bujak 
Produced by: Bartłomiej Bujak 

Mix/mastering: Adrian Pastuszak 
Published by: Copyright Control 


After the club banger "Afterparty", Meszi returns to SNRS with another tech-house production, which has everything to conquer the biggest festival scenes. The track "WOW" has very deep sound, combining fresh groove with a catchy bassline. The specificity of the piece is analogous to the sets that Meszi is known for - calmer at the beginning, to stronger and stronger tones. Fans of club sounds will surely do the title WOW!

Written by: Mikołaj Meszyński
Produced by:
Mikołaj Meszyński
Published by: Copyright Control


The song titled "U Got" is the latest production from Patryk Stachowski vel SPLT, who won the contest for the Polish DJ Champion in 2020. This unstoppable producer attacks with another tech-house single, which will surely shake many club dancefloors. Strong sound combined with mesmerizing vocals gives you a track that simply must appear on your every party playlist! 

SNRS009: Madkid & Eliasz – Till My Last Breath

Madkid describes his artistic path as a constant search, and for him creativity activates emotions. Although he is only 21 years old, he can already boast of cooperation with SBM Label, Kayax, ONIONWAVE, AGO, Puma or with Krystyna Czubówna herself. In 2017, he delighted with the composition he created for the film "DIMENSIONS". Production titled "Till My Last Breath" is a piece that is based on opposites. Eliasz party text contrasts here with the vision of the last breath, creating a piece that is a specific metaphor for life.

SNRS008: Jay Bae & Tahoeca – Stay

After over a year of cooperation, which resulted in the release of several singles well received on the club scene, gentlemen Jay Bae and Tahoeca returned from the studio with a song that is set in the atmosphere of Melodic House. Their new production, released by the SNRS label, is a very energetic track with catchy melody and vocal, which will certainly be hummed very often by the club and festival audience.


Meszi comes from Inowrocław and his real name is Mikołaj. He is a DJ with almost 15 years of experience behind the console. During his musical adventure, he visited almost the entire country. He has also performed in the Netherlands, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. As we know, every party has a before, main part and, above all, must have its afterparty. Here is a kind of anthem calling for fun and much more, because all roads lead to "Afterparty"!


Martin aka NOT.ME is the Polish DJ and house music producer, who harks back to the rave style of the 90s. In 2019, he launched the NOT.ME project, and a year later he appeared on the well-known labels like HEXAGON and Future House Music. His work quickly attracted the attention of big electronic music stars such as Don Diablo or David Guetta. The piece entitled "Don't Wanna" is an energetic club banger that you cannot pass by indifferently!

SNRS005: Paul D & Konrad S – Hypnotized

Paul D is a talented DJ and producer from Jelenia Góra, who is the author of well-known singles "You Got Me" and "Feelin". Whereas Konrad S is a completely new character on the domestic club scene, with performances not only in Polish clubs, but also in Ibiza. This year, Paweł and Konrad join forces, which resulted in their joint track released under the SNRS brand. We are proud to present a melodic track entitled "Hypnotized".

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