The song titled "U Got" is the latest production from Patryk Stachowski vel SPLT, who won the contest for the Polish DJ Champion in 2020. This unstoppable producer attacks with another tech-house single, which will surely shake many club dancefloors. Strong sound combined with mesmerizing vocals gives you a track that simply must appear on your every party playlist! 

SNRS009: Madkid & Eliasz – Till My Last Breath

Madkid describes his artistic path as a constant search, and for him creativity activates emotions. Although he is only 21 years old, he can already boast of cooperation with SBM Label, Kayax, ONIONWAVE, AGO, Puma or with Krystyna Czubówna herself. In 2017, he delighted with the composition he created for the film "DIMENSIONS". Production titled "Till My Last Breath" is a piece that is based on opposites. Eliasz party text contrasts here with the vision of the last breath, creating a piece that is a specific metaphor for life.

SNRS008: Jay Bae & Tahoeca – Stay

After over a year of cooperation, which resulted in the release of several singles well received on the club scene, gentlemen Jay Bae and Tahoeca returned from the studio with a song that is set in the atmosphere of Melodic House. Their new production, released by the SNRS label, is a very energetic track with catchy melody and vocal, which will certainly be hummed very often by the club and festival audience.


Meszi comes from Inowrocław and his real name is Mikołaj. He is a DJ with almost 15 years of experience behind the console. During his musical adventure, he visited almost the entire country. He has also performed in the Netherlands, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. As we know, every party has a before, main part and, above all, must have its afterparty. Here is a kind of anthem calling for fun and much more, because all roads lead to "Afterparty"!


Martin aka NOT.ME is the Polish DJ and house music producer, who harks back to the rave style of the 90s. In 2019, he launched the NOT.ME project, and a year later he appeared on the well-known labels like HEXAGON and Future House Music. His work quickly attracted the attention of big electronic music stars such as Don Diablo or David Guetta. The piece entitled "Don't Wanna" is an energetic club banger that you cannot pass by indifferently!

SNRS005: Paul D & Konrad S – Hypnotized

Paul D is a talented DJ and producer from Jelenia Góra, who is the author of well-known singles "You Got Me" and "Feelin". Whereas Konrad S is a completely new character on the domestic club scene, with performances not only in Polish clubs, but also in Ibiza. This year, Paweł and Konrad join forces, which resulted in their joint track released under the SNRS brand. We are proud to present a melodic track entitled "Hypnotized".


They remixed "Shape Of You" by Ed Sheeran, "I Feel It Coming" by The Weeknd or "Symphony" from the Clean Bandit repertoire, and their productions are promoted by the biggest stars of the club scene such as Tiësto, Hardwell, David Guetta, Afrojack and Fedde Le Grand. Melo.Kids also entered the top 10 remix competition of Avicii's song "Without You". Now the mysterious duo is back with a new track "Falling", recorded with the Dyssa project.

SNRS003: EMDI & SOOBE – Turn

July 2021 is an important moment for two Polish artists appearing under the aliases EMDI and SOOBE. The gentlemen quickly found a common musical language and the results did not take long to come. First, the interpretation of "Time After Time" from the repertoire of Cyndi Lauper, and now they hit with their original piece entitled „Turn”. Pleasant, warm holiday sounds, with interesting vocals, are an explosive mixture for this summer!

Debut in SNRS: MAVE – Can’t You See!

Undoubtedly, he is one of the most interesting, talented and fastest-growing figures on the Polish club scene. A great DJ who is now ready to show the world also his production skills. Maciej Kwasek, the Polish DJ Champion of 2019, is hiding under the alias MAVE. His debut single "Can't You See" shows a completely new, melodic face of this multi-talented artist.

SNRS Label makes its debut on the music scene!

The SNRS group was founded in 2021 on the initiative of people for whom music has always been something more than just experiencing their favorite melodies and sounds. Those responsible for the project are: Marcin Granatowski, Kuba Leszczyński, Hubert Jasiński and MDT Production as a producer of festivals and large indoor events. Many people who share the passion, many years of experience in the industry, knowledge and the belief that they can use it all to help others. The group includes a label, management and a booking agency.

The name SNRS did not come out of nowhere. It’s created by people responsible for, among others, the organization of the Sunrise Festival, one of the largest electronic music festivals in Europe. Every summer, thousands of people from all over the world visit Kołobrzeg to enjoy the music together with the top stars of the club scene. While creating such a huge undertaking, they noticed how many musically talented people there are, for whom there is no place where they could develop their creativity and bring it to a new, more professional level. That’s why they started looking for young producers, DJ’s and singers who they could support and direct in the right way.

As the founders say: „By associating with a given artist, we want him to feel at home here. We give full creative freedom, advise, but don’t impose anything. We offer not only assistance in the field of production, booking, promotion and marketing, but we are also here to prepare the entire development path from scratch. We understand artists perfectly, because we have gone this way ourselves and we can save many people from making mistakes that we have committed. We believe that if someone has talent and can create interesting and original things, we should give them a chance.”

SNRS is made up of people who work with many well-known brands on a daily basis and understand how to use this knowledge to take care of a talent step by step. They have experience in publishing, promotion and production and they will plan together each next stage of career. Therefore, if you are a DJ, singer or music producer, if you believe in your skills and feel that you can conquer the world, be sure to apply to SNRS! You can submit your demo material using the form at The people in charge of this undertaking  promise to listen every track, and when they feel it's you, they'll contact you for sure. SNRS will also work closely with the newly established Sunrise foundation, supporting new talents.

The first release of SNRS is Kris's original single "Pressure", which was created with the participation of the Australian duo Hi Motive. Its premiere is scheduled for May 26, 2021, but it’s already known that contracts with other artists have been signed, and their productions will see the light of day in the coming weeks.

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