Over the last years EMDI has made his way into the top Polish dance music producers. With an average of over one million monthly listeners on Spotify, EMDI ranks in the TOP20 most listened Polish artists and TOP3 producers on the platform.

His releases on renowned labels such as Soave, Future House Music, NCS, Revealed, Trap Nation, Lithuania HQ, One Seven (disco:wax), Loud Memory (Sony Belgium), Magic Music, LoudKult, CYB3RPVNK, Panther's Groove and more have generated over 100 million streams across platforms.

Now a household name in the Poland’s legendary Sunrise Festival, EMDI has appeared on festival stages including Electrocity and Global Gathering as well as a variety of domestic and international clubs. Having achieved huge milestones in 2021, EMDI joined the roster of the prestigious SNRS MGMT and is set to continue his rapid progress in 2022.

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