sandra naum

Sandra Naum is a young and extremely talented artist, who comes from the small town of Łącza, near Gliwice in the Silesian Province. Music is her great passion, but she’s active not only as a singer, but also has important episodes as a model and an actress.

Singing in her life began with "Got Talent" competition in the primary school, when she persuaded her friend to accompany her on stage, creating a choir. Together they performed the song "Nie daj się" from Doda's repertoire and this is how they won. To this day, memories of this event bring a smile to her face. The first important inspiration for Sandra was Zbigniew Wodecki, who once played the role of the king in the show "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" at the Television Theater and sang a song about the castle with Joanna Trzepiecińska. She then persuaded her father to videotape this program, which resulted in almost daily studying of it.

Seeing her daughter's love of music, Sandra's mother enrolled her in Ludomir Różycki Music School in Gliwice, which she graduated with the 1st degree in the piano class. She took part in many vocal competitions, at the provincial, national and international level, many of which she won. She also used to attend vocal workshops at the seaside, where every year she gave concerts with the band in cities such as Kołobrzeg or Koszalin.

When she was 17, she tried her hand at the TV show "The Voice of Poland" for the first time, took part in dubbing for the Disney Channel series, as well as in "Shopping Queen" program. She also worked as a model and an actress, participated, among others in an advertisement for one of the well-known dietary supplements. For some time now, she also has been running YouTube channel, where she posts original covers of songs, but sometimes she also creates the Polish versions of various foreign artists tracks.

To this day, her favourite artists include: Queen, the aforementioned Zbigniew Wodecki, but also Pink, Billie Eilish, The Weekend, Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Christina Aguilera. This mixture is really explosive, but that's what Sandra is like. Each artist is an inspiration for her, due to the fact that she’s still looking for her own style in creating music, trying to express in it as much as possible of what she feels and what she would like to convey to others.

As she admits: “It’s especially important for me to develop my musical, vocal and artistic passions. Each component of art is something that gives me great joy and drives me to act. I like helping people, infect them with good energy and a positive attitude. I always give 100% of myself, I try to improve myself every day. As the Holy Father John Paul II said: "Require from yourself, even if others do not require from you.” I want to learn all the time and broaden the horizons of my possibilities, go beyond the limits, and thus achieve goals.”

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