SNRS041 Pete Shade & Omy Cid – Sleepless

A great passion for club sounds has led to an intriguing Polish-Spanish debut on the SNRS Label. A talented artist from Warsaw, operating under the alias Pete Shade, joins forces with Omy Cid, a DJ and producer hailing from Vigo, whose musical repertoire boasts releases on prestigious labels including Armada Music, Revealed Recordings, and Loudkult. Their collaborative single, „Sleepless” embodies vibrancy and energy, seamlessly blending dynamic tech-house elements with the infectious allure of a party anthem. It’s a distinctive fusion of sounds that promises to keep you grooving on the dance floor.

Written by: Piotr Suchożebrski, Omar Cid Muñoz
Produced by: Piotr Suchożebrski, Omar Cid Muñoz
Published by: Copyright Control

Ⓟ 2024 SNRS. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Poland

Ⓒ 2024 SNRS

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